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I am trying to get any information I can on my grandfather, Ernst Hess, and his family. Ernst Hess was born April 1, 1920 in Pressnitz. His father was Franz Hess, born September 1986 in Pressnitz and his mother was Marie Steinhauer, born November 28, 1892 in Kadan. I am trying to see if Franz and Marie had any additional children. I am also curious if you have a marriage record which would include the names of Franz and Marie's parents. Franz and Marie were Catholic so I would assume that their parents were also Catholic. For the last few months, I have been stuck in my own research of my family tree so I am reaching out to local churches for any help I can get but these are the responses I have gotten:

“Greetings and thank you for your mail. Unfortunately, I can't help you, as the state confiscated all registries from the churches until 1950 and therefore you have to turn directly to the registry office of either the town of Chomutov or the registry office in Kadan. Or also to the archive. We have dates from 1950 onwards.”

“Thank you for your answer. At us in Czech Republic is that problem, that 1950 are the books with church records (baptism, married) put under the state control - also bishopric or parishes have not this old books. The books for Pressnitz (now Přísečnice) should be deponated at the municipality of Vejprty, so write on [email protected] 

I hope, that you will be successful.”

I have done my research and looked through hundreds of pages in both  and but I have not been able to locate my grandfather and great grandparents. I have found records on Steinhauer’s but no Marie/Maria.  I have not reached out to [email protected] yet but I plan to in the next couple of days. Does anyone else have any idea where else I might be able to go to find information on the Hess/Steinhauer family? I am attaching a couple of documents that have led me to the Pressnitz/Kadan area. Thank you for your help!



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