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Bulk update of place names for a county or equivalent

Many of my ancestors lived in Prescott County, Ontario, Canada. Many of the standardized place names for this county are incorrect or missing. The result is that it is difficult to tag sources and events with correct location information. There are so many sources that have been incorrectly indexed against the City of Prescott (140 km away in a different county), probably because of the issues with the available place names for Prescott County.

I am aware of the tool to submit updates to the standardized place names, but it only allows for one entry at a time. In addition, there doesn't appear to be a tool to list all place names in the county so it's going to be hit and miss to find them all. Given the existing tool, it could be a long, tedious task to clean up Prescott County place names.

What I'm hoping for is to use a function equivalent to mapping software to list all place names whose geocodes fall within the County boundaries, then export that list to a spreadsheet. Then a team from our local branch of Ontario Genealogical Society could go through the spreadsheet and suggest changes/additions to make the list better. At some point, we would submit the modified spreadsheet to be loaded into the standardized place names database. Of course, there will have to be standards and procedures to make it all work (referential integrity etc.).

If it works for one county, I could see our local branch working on the other counties that fall within our area.

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