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  • I've noticed in some of my ancestors Discovery Pages there is misinformation. As an example, my grandmother's page (K631-ZMM) it says she was born in Reisterstown, MD when it states on her detail page that she was born in McCoys Ferry, Washington, Maryland, United States. I've noticed others that have inaccuracies like that. How can this be and is there a solution?

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  • So is McCoys Ferry, Washington Maryland US the incorrect location? If so, I suspect it came from the Affidavit of her husband Marlin's birth who was born there. Your grandmother is tagged in that doc as well. I have seen this kind of error as well and not sure how it happens. I try to add comments to the info indicating it is wrong because I am uncomfortable with outright deleting other people's facts.

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    I'm having the same problem with the new discovery person page not matching with detail personal page. My maternal (LTDV-65L) great-grandmother and great uncle (LTDP-XW5) side of the family was born in Castelmauro, Campobasso, Molise, Italy, on the new discovery person page states there were born in Castelluccio Acqua Borrana, Molise, Italy. Also, the Name Meaning section isn't even close to the family name that can be traced back to the mid 1600s. I see tons of other family members not showing correct birth locals and other info on the new discovery person page. Hope they fix the problem...

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    Is there any way to edit or remove incorrect information on the new Discovery Page for an ancestor?? Many of the name meanings which come from the Dictionary of American Names do not apply on the pages where they exist, or they are incorrect. An example is the name meaning for an Italian ancestor which provides a North African (Muslim) name. The same name for Italian ancestors has a different meaning than the one on the Discover Page of the Italian ancestor. It would be helpful to dismiss this type of error since this meaning does not apply for this person.

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    @J. Eileen

    The information pulls from the person's detail page. It pulls the standardized dates and places. For your example of: Emma Curtis Moore K631-ZMM it is behaving correctly. She has a listed a birth place and a different standardized place. You need to correct the birthplace to have a correct standardized place if this place below is not correct.

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    @Emmett Trolley Diehl

    The information pulls from the person's detail page. It pulls the standardized dates and places. It is behaving correctly. She has a listed a birth place and a different standardized place. You need to correct the birthplace to have a correct standardized place if this place below is not correct. For: Lauretta Geltrude Trolio LTDV-65L

    It looks like you already corrected this one: LTDP-XW5

  • Hello my name is Doniece Watkins. I am new to your group, referred to see if others in the community are experiencing the same issues with the new Discovery Pages attached to our ancestor’s Detail Pages.

    I am being lengthy and extensive as I can to get a feel for what others are seeing and their concerns.

     There is a Family Search Blog titled “New Ancestor Discovery Pages Provide a Rich, Engaging Family History Experience”. The blog provides an overview of what is on the Ancestor Discovery Page and should we wish to share this information with others who do not have a Family Search Account we can share these pages vial social media – Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp

     Many of the concerns posted to this blog’s comments section deal with researchers concerns finding incorrect information posted ranging from; (1) where these discovery pages come from, (2) data not matching the persons Detail Page from incorrect parents identified in the Discovery Page, (3) how did the system choose which families to post when multiple marriages are involved, (4) why isn’t the Discovery Page automatically updated when the Detail Page is revised, etc.,

    As I stated earlier, I was referred with a request to post my concerns, comments to the “Community”. The roll out of the Discovery Page to Family Search Users has met with mixed feelings. The Support Team is also searching for answers to concerns as well.

     ·       I posted this message to the blogger of this post and fellow readers regarding the New Discovery Page on June 3rd:

    Apparently one of the major issues with this new page is the information is not accurate according to our ancestry research and what is displayed on our Individual Detail Person Pages.

    1. Not all unions between or ancestors resulted in a single marriage or a marriage at all to our grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. Some of us have previously been instructed AND learned setting the “Preferred Indicator” sets the stage for what should display for specific marriage lines in other system settings for our ancestry line including the Fan Chart and Family Group Records. Based on this, if we have set the Preferred Indicator to the appropriate marriages, one would expect the Discovery Page display of parents to be those based on the Preferred Indicator regardless of the number of marriages or different parents with children. I have the “Preferred Indicator” set appropriately however, the information on Discover Page is random when it determines the spouse/parents and children to display. For me on two different sets of parents it chose the step-parent not my direct descendant line couples (one set married, one set just birth parents).

    2. The ‘sources’ displayed are randomly chosen should the ancestry have more than 2 sources on their Source Screen. However, one of my ancestors the system only used 2 out of 3 available sources. What is used to determine which sources and what timeline to select a source for the Discovery Page?

    3. Should we choose to ignore the reference to the New Discover Page what about all of our other family members who are also researching their ancestry in Family Search. One of my grandsons and several nephews are beginning to research our ancestry. I shudder to know what they will see on this new page.

    3a. EX., my grandfather had 10 siblings and each of these siblings had at least 10 children. If they have located and added our step-great-grandfather as the second husband to our great-grandmother they too should see incorrect Discover Page parentage with the step-great-grandfather identified instead of our actual great-grandfather.

    3b. EX., my grandparents were not married but they are identified as the “preferred” couple with my mother as their child. My grandfather also had children by several other women. All of these unions and children are identified on his Detail Page. On the Discovery Page the system randomly chose a female and her children as his spouse and children. These children are not my siblings they are cousins to me and my siblings. Any of my siblings, grands, and great-grands researching our family line will not get a true picture of our ancestry from the Discover Page. My mother and grandmother are not identified on this screen therefore my grands and great-grands will not see their great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother.

    4. Ignoring the New Discover Page is not an option it is up front in our faces, plastered across the top of the Person’s Detail Page. Those of us who know to ignore this page maybe thinking about other family researchers who will discover this new screen and take the ancestry information printed there at face-value. In addition, because the page is new there is no delete option available. The link provided by Brett is to have a deleted person removed. It is not for the deletion of the Discover Page from a person’s detail screen – How do I request the removal of a FamilySearch ancestor page (

    5. I have spoken with several reps via the Family Search Help Desk on this matter. The reps are learning what to do with our issues as we contact them with our concerns. Apparently, we researchers are also guinea pigs on this new roll out as well as the help desk reps. We are discovering and learning what is not right with this page one ancestor at a time and one incident call to the Help Desk as we encounter each Discover Page. There are no instructions on how to resolve our concerns and issues. Nor do the reps have details on what fields or data was used to code the logic to pull in specifics to this page. The Help Desk Rep I spoke with today searched his available system and details for information including taking notes to follow-up after my call.

    Because we are all dealing with a new system enhancement it is very frustrating to be told in writing after waiting for a response to ignore something that is hitting us in the face and is growing as new Discovery Page(s) are being populated on our ancestors Detail Pages. Some complaints maybe the same while others are specific to source data displayed, incorrect cities identified for ancestors and if we are not standardizing a city during updates, what is the logic using for the Discovery Page?

    So far as when is a Discovery Pages data is updated based on changes to a person’s Detail and Source Screens is a mystery to all except the coders. I did not pose this question to the rep I spoke with today, something to keep in mind. Perhaps this issue has a resolution that has been given to the help desk.


    ·       Concern with missing Discovery Pages for family members:

    May 2, 2021 at 10:54 am

    Will Family Search be adding Ancestry Discovery Pages to every Ancestor eventually?

    Reply; Amy says:

    May 2, 2021 at 11:00 am

    Hi Kim! Thank you for your feedback. There should be a page for everyone, unless they have been recently deceased in the past few years.

    Reply; Doniece Watkins says:

    June 5, 2021 at 10:41 pm

    Amy, your statement regarding every person have a Discovery Page is incorrect or at least in my family line. I have checked and not all my direct ancestors have this page including my mother who passed in 2010.

    Is it the intent of Family Search to have a Discovery Page for every deceased individual that is visible to every researcher?

    Based on these response and others like it, it appears the Discovery Page concept was not coded for the convenience of Family Search members as a snapshot view of the entire history or defined data from all screens. The Discovery Page concept is meant to bring back or entice people to create FamilySearch Accounts. 

    With all of the incorrect information members of Family Search are finding with these pages people searching from Google and to locate family ancestors will miss or not locate ancestors unless they are already aware if family history, multiple marriages, parents not married, etc.

      We are all searching for information and assistance. What if anything are the communities concerns and comments on the Discovery Page? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

  • I would suggest Discovery Pages ignore the preferred indicator completely. That setting is really for people to look at ancestry through the relationship of their own decadency. A person's life could well span many relationships and children from each. All are a picture of that person's life. Please consider what the Discovery Page should be doing: it should let you discover all facts (correct or incorrect) recorded about that life.

  • Hello Gail S Watson, at this point none of us users oR techincal help staff of Family Search knows what the programmers and coders used to pull data from our Family Person Pages to their Discovery Page. It would be prudent and appropriate to have to logic use the Preferred Indicator as each relative (cousins) within a family can set thiis indicator to their parents to appropriate show the parents of their parents on other processes within FamilySearch. Also, when parents remarry one would want to show the birth parents not the step, wouldn't you think. As I did indicate the Discovery Page for my paternal grandfather shows his stetfather as his father. I have siblings, nephews, nieces, cousins, grands who are also tracing our ancestry. So far as I kow none of them are aware the mother of our father's father remarried after her 11 children's father died. Having this displayed on the Discovery Page especially for a researcher looking at FaceBook, Google, Family Search via a search engine will disregard or discount his Discovery Page as a family ancestry link because of the incorrect indications of his parentage. The same is true for my mother's parents, there is nothing on her parents Discovery Pages to point or indicate these people are her parents - my grandmother married twice / my grandfagther had multiple marriages / and none of these marriages from either person are a marriage to each other as the parents of my mother. So where are the Discovery Pages for these three close direct line ancestors helping a new person searching for ancestors helping to direct any of them to Family Search???

    A persosn's life does span many aspects and avenues. This is why I do not discount or leave off creating person pages, for step parents, multiple marriages, multiple births of children not from the same two parents. Unfortunately Family Search has not added an indicator to distinguish or specify when the couples identified as parents to the listed children are not married.

    I agree the Discovery Page for a person should identify accurate or inaccurate information about a person HOWEVER, these inaccuracies should be based on what we the researcher(s) have entered on the Person's Detail page not what a compilation of coding by a programmer pulls from the information as we researchers have entered.

    The Discovery Pages ""are not"" doing what they should have been intended to do "it should let you discover all facts (correct or incorrect) recorded about that life." If the Discovery Pages are suppose to direct non Family Search people looking for their ancestors, the information posted on the currect Discovery Pages are not getting the job done. Family members on the outside looking for ancestors will not in 99.9% of the time not kmow what they are looking at from outside of and via FamilySearch Doscivery Page info only not e aware of many ancestors because of the mis information indentified on the Discovery Page overview based on a programmers concept of waht data should be displayed not from the resesrchers aspect of data they have compiled.

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