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I am a member of the Germany Genealogy Research Group but with the new format, it is no longer

showing up in My Feed or My Groups. How do I set this up again?

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    Here are the steps to find and join a group:

    On the left panel of Community, click Groups. Then, you need to click All Groups so you can search for the one you want:

    A search box on the right searches the groups. Start typing "Germany" and you'll see the group you want:

    Click Germany Genealogy Research. Then click Join.

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    Thanks for your prompt response. So I take it I have to join all over again. It would be helpful to note this on the home page so everyone else missing their feed and groups would know that they need to join again.

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    @Brenda P Hayward to delete a post click on the gear on the right side of said post and you have an option to edit or delete. I hope that helps!

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    Hooray, when I click on "My Groups" from the menu on the left (on the Home Page), it now shows Germany Genealogy Research Group. Now, when I go to "My Feed", and then "Under Choose A Feed", Germany Genealogy Research Group shows up.

    Thank you so much, Sheila DuBois and LWhitehead56 for all of your help. Whatever you told me must have worked!


  • I agree. We need a banner or announcement on the home page to explain this.

  • I tried to follow the directions above but when I clicked on "All Groups" the page didn't load. I got to Germany Research Group by clicking on it in "Featured Groups" but once there there is nothing to select to join the group. Also no way to choose "My Feed" or "My Group". On the Welcome Page where it says "Choose a Feed" there is no way to choose anything. When you click on the plus sign for "My Groups", "Topics I Follow" and "My Bookmarks" there is nothing listed and no way to choose anything or type in anything. Hopefully, this will be corrected at some point.

  • Oops, now I see that below the list of sources is a box "Join". Apparently, I had not scrolled down all the way. Sorry, I don't know how to delete my earlier comment.

  • Well, I am not seeing the "Join" box so I guess I am still a member. I have a profile. So now, I am still at a loss as to how to add Germany Genealogy Research Group to My Groups and My Feed. Is this something that is not available yet due to the transition?

  • Navigating this new platform is certainly not intuitive.

    I am not sure why you can't add German Group to your groups or your feed but you might try one more time and then contact the people I suggested below. If you click on Groups, then All Groups, and scroll down to Germany Research group, it should let you click on it now. I would rejoin if possible. If the join icon is not visible or does not work contact the first two members listed as leaders of the group. They are usually employees and know the ins and outs of the system better than most of us. I am also attaching my post to you to Caleb Love who is a great go-to person for issues like this.

    @Caleb L

  • I am so happy you have success with your German Group showing up.

    Have a wonderful day.

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