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My Discussions, hard to find

I find that all of the highlighted groups on the home page are not very useful. When I go to the Community I want to quickly get to my own groups, and ask a question. Then later, I want to come back and see if my question was answered. There is no obvious place to go directly to my Discussions from the Menu Options on the left side. Maybe I just need some education on it, but it is not intuitive. I have been clicking around and trying to get used to the Community for an hour and still cannot find an easy way to get to My Discussions without clicking 10 things first. Thanks!


  • Answering my own question...

    You have to click on any question, comment, or idea (from anyone) or on "Events" to get the Quick links to show up on the right side which includes "My Discussions." Quick Links should be an option on the Home page. It is not very "Quick" if you have to hunt for it. :)

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