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Serving in Family History

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Serving in Family History?

"Serving in Family History" seems rather ambigous amd broad (but maybe that is the intention)

a brief description of the intended use of this group would be nice.

I am part of a team that is looking for people willing to serve in a FamilySearch related Volunteer project:

The Family Bible Preservation Project

you can visit the projetc summary here:

Its a great way people can "give back" to the genealogical community

and do so in a way that they can work in their own home, at their own speed, and schedule - with no real commitment if they dont desire.

(great for people home due to COVID 19)

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  • ChaiChai mod

    I am new to this platform, but as an Australian FamilySearch Support Team, I am still learning and discovering after 4 years of serving as a Senior Service Missionary.

    I find so many things to do but do not have enough time in the day to do everything that I want.

    Amazing Platform. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jarkko1Jarkko1 mod
    edited June 11

    If you speak fluently any of Nordic languages: Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish You are welcome to come with us to serve as part timemissionary in FamilyHistory support.

    Contact us now by email: [email protected]

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