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What is the best way to seperate two different families in Family Search

Peter Nicolaj Gregorius Petersen LCMD-F8N, has been given his brother Peter Olaus Joachim Petersen's LVNX-2HC wife and children. And temple work has already been completed for P.N.G.P. family that actually belongs to P.O.J.P.

PNGP's wife is listed as Jakobine Karoline Olsdatter Andestad LCTF-6QS, and POJP's wife is listed as Jacobine Marie Caroline Olsdatter Andestad G4BD-M1F.

I have found the official marriage record of the second couple. I'd like to merge G4BD-M1F and LCTF-6QS, and shift all the kids to the proper father. The children's official birth records list POJP as their father not PNGP.

This is a delicate task, and I don't want to lose any information in the process, and I'm not sure what will happen to all the sealings done to the incorrect father. Will we need to seal all the kids and wife to the correct father, or will that transfer over, and they know who they are in heaven, and I shouldn't worry about it? I've been working in this family line for 4 months, trying to find all original sources, and proofs.


  • Please help, I'm still looking for an answer for this question. Peter Olaus Joachim Petersen's wife and children have been recorded with his brother Peter Nicolaj Gregorius Petersen. Someone, not me, attached the wife and children to the wrong brother, and did temple work for the wrong brother and this family. I'd like to merge the wife and children of the wrong brother(PNGP) to the wife and children of the correct person, Peter Olaus Joachim Petersen. I don't understand why this happened, because whoever did the research and temple work initially attached sources to many of the children, and all their sources are for the correct father POJP.

    So I don't want to mess this all up. I want to be able to shift all sources and information from one brother to the correct brother without loosing information. I'm the person who entered the wife and children to the correct brother, so there are duplicates, I made them. What is the best way to accomplish this. Should I delete the relationship to the wrong father first for the wife and children, then merge by ID number, the wife and children listed for the correct brother? I'm worried about losing information and sources. And I have no idea what will happen to the sealings and temple work that was done with the wrong brother in the family. If the sealings disappear, I have no problem redoing them correctly. I just hope the rest of the work doesn't disappear too. I have been precise and accurate in my research, and everything is documented on Peter Olaus Joachim Petersen LVNX-2HC family.

    I would really appreciate guidance on how to do this, and what steps to take to correct this error. Thanks in advance for your support.

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