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How to Use FamilySearch Community

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What's on the Home page?

Wow, the new Home page sure looks different! We hope you like the improvements we've made:

·        Search - Use a keyword to find a category or topic inside the community

·        Featured Groups - Groups related to FamilySearch, RootsTech, Latter-day Saints, and Research

·        Community Hub – A central location for featured content, such as articles, discussions, or events.

·        Help Center Catagories - If you have a question or want to help someone who has one, this is the place for you!

·        Explore More- A quick view of the most recent posts from the FamilySearch Blog, Wiki, and Help Center

·        Recent Ideas - Find trending ideas and comments from other community members.

·        Events - Here's where you will find a calendar of upcoming events. Join a live or prerecorded event, or create your own!


  • How do you ask a question in the new community page? I am looking for that space in the Nordic community

  • edited March 24

    First you will need to Join the group. Click the Join button just below the links.

    Then you can click the little down arrow next to New Discussion to choose Ask a Question:

  • how to find the maps of countries and states. Searching for map of the United States.

  • Hola,soy Liliam Beatriz Barroso Blanco cubana y busco a mis ancestros españoles.Mi abueloes natural de tuje termino municipal del Bollo,provincia de Orense,Galicia,me podrían ayudar

  • Hi,

    Boy, am I lost! I haven't been on the site for some time due to a broken arm. I did finally find the list of groups I belonged to. Don't know how I got there. I clicked on My Bookmarks, but there weren't any. Have I lost all of the posts I saved for future reference? I am so confused.

    Could someone please list the steps I need to to get from Google to a feed? I tried the Help section, but couldn't find applicable answers. I used to use the weekly digests to enter the feeds, and without them I don't know how to navigate the site.

    Also, do the feeds work the same as they did, as in can you post a question, etc.?

    Also, will the weekly digests be sent again? Do I have to sign up again or do something else to get the weekly feeds?

    Thanks for any help.

  • @1stackgen4 , I hope this information is helpful.

    After you have logged into the Community look for the icons at the top right side of the page. Next to the message envelope icon is your avatar (gray circle with a figure). Click on the avatar then click on your name in the pop-up window. That will take you to your personal activity page. On the right side of the Activity page under the avatar it will list the number of discussion and comments you have participated in. Click on the Discussions and all your discussions will be listed. You can then click on any of those discussion to access the feed. If you click on the Comments link, all your comments will be listed. At the bottom of each comment it will say 'in ....' with a link to the discussion where the comment was found. You can click on that link to access the entire discussion. All your prior comments and discussion should have been brought over.

    We are told the weekly digests are no available at this time.

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