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How to Use FamilySearch Community

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What's on the Home page?

Wow, the new Home page sure looks different! We hope you like the improvements we've made:

·        Search - Use a keyword to find a category or topic inside the community

·        Featured Groups - Groups related to FamilySearch, RootsTech, Latter-day Saints, and Research

·        Community Hub – A central location for featured content, such as articles, discussions, or events.

·        Help Center Catagories - If you have a question or want to help someone who has one, this is the place for you!

·        Explore More- A quick view of the most recent posts from the FamilySearch Blog, Wiki, and Help Center

·        Recent Ideas - Find trending ideas and comments from other community members.

·        Events - Here's where you will find a calendar of upcoming events. Join a live or prerecorded event, or create your own!


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