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The FamilySearch FamilyTree Help Center Category is here to help people who have a question get an answer. As individual's knowledge and interest grows in a particular subject the right hand side of the page also directs people to related groups and events where additional interactions take place. People can ask the question on the page to receive an answer, or they can dig in deeper and attend trainings, view recordings and they can participate in the ongoing discussions, news, and resource sharing occurring in groups.

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    @Caleb Love you're a gem for making this easier to understand.😁


  • Not sure if this is the right place. Tonite at our Family History Centre, someone wanted to know if they can be attached to two family trees, or if it's possible to merge 2 different family trees.

    these 2 individuals are adopted and are on the adoptive parents family tree. (both parents have now deceased). They also have tracked down their biological family and have developed a lovely relationship and would love to also be in their family tree?

    in their profile how can they see both trees together? Can they have 2 sets of parents? If yes, how can we help these individuals merge the two family trees?

    Many thanks


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    And "No," this computer program does not have the capability to show both family trees simultaneously or side-by-side with each other. The toggle back and forth by moving the check mark as Sharon explained works well, though.

  • I recommend properly attaching them to their biological parents and removing the adopted parents as you are not related ancestors of your adopted parents.

  • I think that depends....I am adopted and then sealed to my adopted parents. I still have my biological father listed but not at the preferred parent. I actually do my adopted parents ancestors (not my biological).

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