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1888 Manti Temple records --maiden name question

I visited the special collections room of the FHL quite a while ago and took down notes about my ancestor.

My ancestor received her own live endowment, in the Manti Temple in 1888 (film 170,485). I did not make a note specifically about the column headings. What I need to know is, did the book's column heading require that her Maiden Name be written?

I am trying to determine if she had married before her endowment date.

Since her maiden name is written in the book, she either was married before then and the practice was to write her maiden name in the record, or, she hadn't married before that date.

Suddenly, that column heading is very, very important =).

Thank you in advance for any help on this,


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  • @Ellen Zaifnejad

    Thank you for posting your question in our Community. The Family History Library offers a Look-up service for situations like yours. Here is a link to the webpage offering that service.

    Family History Library Records Look Up Service • FamilySearch

    Here is some information from their page:

    For guests who cannot visit the Library to access books, films, or other records not available online, we offer a free lookup service. If you provide the specific film/DGS number, title or call number of a book, as well as information about the record you are seeking, we will email you an image of the record or the relevant pages of the book. We ask that you be as specific as possible since we are unable, due to copyright restrictions, to copy a large number of pages from any one film or book.

    We hope this helps.

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