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Vicarious ordinances performed prior to death

My cousin Charles Wilber Broyles Jr (9KP4-D92) was previously listed with an incorrect date of death, and temple ordinances were performed on his behalf well prior to his actual death. I assume that these temple ordinances are void? How is this corrected in the system? Thank you!


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  • Brett .Brett . ✭✭✭✭



    I am just another 'lowly' User/Patron ...

    [ And, I am a member of the Church ... ]

    Short Answer: 'Yes', you are correct.

    You yourself, in fact, may have created the circumstance/situation, regarding the "Temple" Work, when you "Merged"/"Combined" the individuals/persons, Charles Wilber BROYLES Jr. ( 9KP4-D92 ); and, Charles Walter BROYLES ( 9V76-496 ), back in 2019.

    I agree, that that ("Competed") "Temple" Work, in question, actually relates to that for Charles Walter BROYLES ( 9V76-496 ), whose,

    ▬ "Death" was recorded as "of, Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA".

    ▬ "Burial" was recorded as "Bef 2005".

    And, 'Yes', the "Temple" Work for (the "Archived") Charles Walter BROYLES ( 9V76-496 ), should be "Cancelled" in the "Temple" Database; and, in the physical records of the "Temple".

    Which would enable the "Temple" Work to conducted correctly.

    Just my thoughts.


    ps: 'G'Day', 'Cuz' ... I am also "Related" to him ...

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