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"ADD A NEW SOURCE" from - gets around the bad New Search Engine.

DonMartinThomas1DonMartinThomas1 ✭✭✭
edited October 19 in Suggest an Idea

Hit on "Sources."

Then hit on "Add Source."

Then hit on "Add New Source."

Then follow what it says and add a source from Be sure to copy the source address in and paste it in where it says, "Web Page URL," below.

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    • CaptBob ✭ 2:51PM
    • Don, I was just about to add a similar comment to a post I made earlier (that I can't remember where):
    • A temporary solution to the new FamilySearch "search" debacle.
    • 1. Find the source on Ancestry, Find My Past, My Heritage, etc. 
    • 2. Post the source, and the info, to the Family Search PID manually or with Record Seek.  
    • 3. Return to the PID a few minutes later and look at record hints; the source you could not find using FamilySearch might very well pop up!  (Record Hints automatically seems to work better than the manual "Search")
    • (Check back & see if the FS similar source showed up in 'record hints' after you added it)

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