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A Ward 'challenge' dataset/Updated or Expanded 'Overview' of Indexing

genthusiast 1genthusiast 1 ✭✭✭
edited September 17 in Indexing

Youth sometimes like to 'challenge' leaders/ other youth groups to Indexing events. This could be a great introductory and group-building event.

I would like to suggest a dataset be created for a sand-boxed introduction to indexing - where the participants learn about the indexing process and ultimately can see the entire - indexing, reviewing, publication process - but the resulting data is for practice and not live publication. I would like to see the capability of Stake/Ward Consultants to add participants to the group as Indexers OR Reviewers, select languages for the records, view some limited group statistics including progress toward completion and publication, etc. While I understand 'competition' is not desired - this could be helpful in introducing Ward groups/families to the entire process of Indexing - and hopefully generate more involvement in Indexing/Reviewing.


Advantage: Education of members participating in Indexing/Reviewing in a safe Or friendly challenge environment.

Disadvantage: None really - it could just be a step in introducing/educating Wards/groups to Indexing/Reviewing.

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  • This would be a very good way to give trainers a beginner collection. They are always asking for recommendations on easy projects. The beginner projects are indexed and reviewed very quickly and by the time they have their training sessions they are completed!

  • There are practice batches in Overview. Go to Indexing, then Overview in the drop down menu, then just follow the Guided Tour. It may not be exactly what you were thinking of but may give you some ideas.

  • @EVHLHM Yes, I am aware. No, it's not exactly - I guess just expand it a little and it would fill the wishes I mentioned.

  • It does allow beginners to do a batch and have the steps involved explained. It is not a great area to download batches but it is good for explaining how to index.

  • If they even find the Guided Tour, it is seriously lacking in detail. They don't even provide Project Instructions for the project you are indexing. Then we wonder why people don't read the project instructions. This would be a perfect place to provide a real set of project instructions with an instruction to read them before starting to index.

  • genthusiast 1genthusiast 1 ✭✭✭
    edited September 17

    @Melissa S Himes I'm with Melissa on that. Besides making each field help required - make Project instructions required. But I also think my expanded idea - from Index to Publication has merit. Setup a 'sandboxed' published record set - let them see the work they produce and experience the Review process - the whole thing...

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