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Ordinance reservations

It is very helpful, of course, that the time frame on reservations has been temporarily suspended. However, in the reservation policy it states that they will be resumed when the temples are open. Many temples are open at least to stage III. However, even though ordinances for the deceased can now be performed it is with limited opportunities to do so. For example, my daughter in Utah has to wait until the end of October at her temple for her children to be able to do baptisms. In my temple in Idaho it is almost impossible to complete initiatory ordinances at this time because of the Covid restrictions in limiting those ordinances.

My suggestion would be to continue to pause on the re-instituting the reservation policy until the temples are FULLY open and more opportunities to attend can occur. At this point it would be difficult to meet those deadlines if they were enforced at this time.

I am extremely appreciative of the opportunity to even be in the temple at this time but I recognize that the fully opened opportunities may not happen for awhile...thus I am requesting further pausing of the reservation policy. Thank you!

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  • The clock for reservations expiring will not restart until all temples are operating in phase 4 (full operations).

    If you have a 90-day reservation at that time, you will still have 90-days to complete it. If you had a reservation with 2 years at the time of the temple closures - or you have reserved other ordinances since then, you will still have 2 years to complete it. If you had a reservation that had 270 days left (or whatever the amount of time), you will still have that amount of time when the reservation expiration clock turns back on.

  • Also, you can share your reservations to the shared temple list - which has no expiration date. Then pull back (unshare) each ordinance as you are able to do them. Then you don't have to watch expiration dates.

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